Something I wanted to share with you. I've joined grimm wesen Contest organized by NBC Grimm. It was before all spoilers about keys . I know I will not be the winner but It's pretty funny to see some spoilers have some same point as my wesen and her history .

My wesen is a special Chimera , Only 7 chimera existed around the planet and was the creator of and Protector of Keys as The seven Knight in the spoilers .

My wesen is a Phoenix and Léviathan mix : Phoenix for immortality part and Léviathan for apocalypse and war Part . The high part of his body is Phoenix head and body . The low Part of his Body is leviathan part . Her feathers can bring immortality and heal . His leviathan scratch can kill or poison . My wesen can predict apocalyspe and uprising .

My wesen is the creator of zakhyntos coins as well in Greece .

Here the full story of my wesen

Name : « Chimera Nemirtinga »s from lithuanian meaning : « Immortal chimera »

Origin : around the world but first encounters in Lithuanian before Jesus Christ

Legendary Wesen : a Chimera compose by two animals a phoenix and a leviathan when he wogue , he appears like a magical creature , very beautiful . He is the guardian of seven keys, the one who made it , who made zakhyntos coins, who made Arthur ’s sword . His fire breath and His Cold wind with his wings create a special material unbreakable . His feathers can treat or extend the life and His Claws can poison and kill . It’s the ying and the Yang

Color and look ; Head of phoenix with red eye and a White eye . His head is Red and yellow with red’s glowing crest with gold feather s. His color from the head to his back begin by red and Yellow feathers for to become white .at his back . To the back to his legs The color is white and turn into blue at the end of his foot . When he wogue he has two wings with ice’s feather like a crystal. The end of his back until his foot are made by blue and white shell. He has claws at his foot , crooked claw . And he has a leviathan tail and leviatahn tongue .

Story :

Legend is saying a divine wesen would be the creator of seven keys … These seven keys that lead to a secret still hidden today. The 7 families during the Middle Ages decided for to protect this secret, to entrust the mission to 7 special wesens . 7 mytholigical wesens . These 7 chimeras were hard to find, because hidden in the world and hiding from civilization. Only grimms had mentioned them until then . Drawings in caves, drawings on papyrus, from stories … This chimera crossed ages without ever showing to the world, or only by few elected who had the chance and privilege to see it.

7 chimeras possessed the power of resurrection and the power of death. It is a mixture between the phoenix, which can rise from the ashes and immortal and a Leviathan, a harbinger of the Apocalypse and guardian of the gates of death. They can predict war and apocalypse . The mixture of fire and ice. It is said that the chimera would be the protectors of the keys, and the keys would be made of a special material that combines the hardness of ice and fire ’s resistance . One of the members of 7 families , during the 11 th century, left this message on parchment during the meeting with the chimera in lithuania, for the manufacture of seven key now kept by a family of Grimm in Transylvania.

« When we walked into the cave. Seeking immortal chimera, excitement won, I did not know what to expect, we did not know, all of us. The seven members of the families.We entered into the cave, my legs were shaking, my hands too, it reflected my nervousness. It was an enormous privilege to meet a chimera wesen. To meet a legend that had rocked my childhood. As we were moving forward into this cave, the walls rattled a gleaming white … like ice, but this one was tough and warm. I let my finger lingered on the wall, it was magical . The whole place exuded a sense of peace, tinged with a little bit of anxiety. We arrived at the end of the cave, armor was sprawled on the floor.

A few candles, a table, a blanket on the floor as a bed. It was spartan. I saw a shadow against the wall, he was looking at us, and a things struck me, he had an ivory white eye remembering ice and a glowing eye remembering fire. He possessed a shaggy white’s hair , he had everything from a man, he even seemed puny, with his brown cloak and his old clothes. The scras of his face, let reflected the wisdom and experiences, lived by this man. One of the member began to open his mouth, the wesen raised his hand and motioned us to sit down, we obey, too frightened and fascinated.The man spoke in a deepand gravelly’s voice, he informed us that he already knew why we came to see him , and for him hid the secret, we wanted hidden was vital during theses times of war and betrayal. He acceded to our request with one condition “Never talk about what we are going to see and what he are going to show us or death would come pick us badly. The man was placed in the middle of the circle, he took off his cloak and clothes, we were all speechless then he wogued. His head took the trait of a red and yellow’s bird with a Red ’s crest glowing, dotted with gold feathers . Two wings came to deploy on his back. Two wings coloro by very light blue almost transparent. Feathers were rigid like ice, I could see my reflection through the wings, legs ended in two legs like the legs of dragons, and hooked claws. A tail bearing the shape of a leviathan. appeared in his back . It was covered with white tortoiseshell appearingat his back and blue to his legs. The white scales become feathers at the end of his back to his head . From white to red and Yellow . The immortal chimera, went for a kind of pipe, made with wood. we were all fascinated by this vision, it was beautiful. He breathed into the wooden pipe and began beating wing,A breath of fire came out of from the pipe while ice blast emanated from its wings. An energy ball materialized and becime strong in the air . It was gold. it flattens with strength of his hands. cut seven different portions. The scroll will stop at that point. We know the immortal chimeras possess feathers, which can heal and prolong life. sharp claws, parcurus venom causes poisoning and death. One side giving life and one side giving death. The chimeras were saw where keys have been lost over the years. Seeking to find them. They say the immortal chimeras, is behind the legendary manufacture of Zakynthos’s coins , in the 8 th centuries in the Greek caves. But we can’t verify this paper so it stay a legend like a ghost , some see and believe, some don’t … It’s myhtoligical wesen .