Don't forget english is not my native language ; i've been lucky to be call by local radio yesterday for an interview about Grimm petition, Grimm France and Damien Puckler Unoffcial. The interview was on phone . So I write here what happened. This interview will be air again during the week in a bigger radio called radio 8 . 

Can you introduce Grimm France ?

Grimm France has been created on April 2012 by me and Julie, an other grimmsters met around Vampire Diairies forum . We decided together to create French Grimm forum, then a Twitter and Facebook ? It was not easy at the beginning, grimm was not air in France yet. We made many pub, promo and we've been lucky Grimm's cast was on twitter and share our page . French Grimmsters appeard one by one ... Our road took diffrent direction. Julie is still amin on Grimm France Forum. Thanks you to all who support us since the beginning and trust in us . 


Talk us about Grimm, Why this show ? 

I saw Grimm Trailer on you tube and I told myself : It's pretty good concept, you know fairy tales turning into nightmares? Human could transform into animals called Wesen . A hunter coming from Grimm blood legacy . I felt in love with this show immediately . I love discover each episode, new legends, mythes and stories . I'm very attached to each characters . Nick, Juliette became EVE . Wu, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee Captain Renard , Adalind, Meisner, Trubel ... I love them and theirs stories . 

Favorite episode ? 

Yes It's Grimm 1x13 , I loved pieces of Zakhynthos concept and Captain renard ambivalent story . It's character who has many things to offer ans could be great vilain of season 6 . and 3x02 with Meiner introduction. Big story for me . 

Damien Puckler ?  You have fanpage about him, he is supporting you and you are " Captain Alex " 

Yes Captain Alex, funny nickname gave by Damien and his brother. You have a Queen Meisnerd as well asYael Tygiel from after buzz ... 

It's big story, when i saw Meisner will not be back for season 4 , i began #bringbackmeisnercampaign for fun, funny campaign anf fans followed that. Always with humor and fun,never with harassment against writers and producers . Writers loved this campaign and laughed often .  Then I searched more information about Damien Puckler , found him on facebook, sent friend request. We began to chat together about Meisner campaign and after that I created Damien Puckler unofficial Twitter and facebook . I'm lucky Damien and his Brother who is his manager as well just support me all the time  and trust me . They are my huge fans (laugh) But all that things would not be possible without grimmsters, It's not me, It's THEM , all Damien's fans around the world who are awesome. They are the BEST !!!! Damien deserve his chance to have main character role . He is adorable, really talented for Stunt, fight and acting . He is the BEST !! 

You met  Norberto Barba in Paris and Damien Puckler in Reims ? You are LUCKY !!

Oh yeah believe me , two most best days of mylife . Norberto was in Paris for vacation and asked me to meet him for grimm France. I was terrified and impressed . Things have been set really faster. With Tania, my friend, we met him, Norberto was adorable, very talented and well supportive of Grimm France . I love him . Damien; Ha Damien .; he never do things as everybody do and always do unexpected things . He just knocked at my door, a sunday . For me Sunday It's pygees and my home in a total mess. I was schocked, impressed and took me little while to be confortable ; I had great time with him and his brother . Puckler Brothers are best medication against sadness . They are funny, awesome and adorable . I would never have enough words to thanks them for that and be there for me . 

Why begin a petition as Grimm has not been renewed or Canceled yet ? 

To show to NBC which has bad habit to cancel show I love ( Constantine, Hannibal ) that, even if decison is still on table.  Us fans, we wants season 6. We love our show. that's why with Sue , my australian friend and Grimm intenrtional admin we created this petition who took some good roads . Some directors signed it . Russell faved and retweeted it, Bree, Reggie Lee . Bistie sister signed it as well . You know it' snot about me, It's about grimmsters who signed it and shared it, It's cause of Them so Thanks you for that, they are awesome . I don't want to see my fav show stop and I will support it until the end . Cast and crew are amazing . After 5 years , time to show to NBC Grimmsters are here even if they know it . We love them and cast know that

You have big artistic side ? 

Yeah I love create videos, fanart, fanfic . It's my little mind palace. I love photography . And I do theater since 22 years now, I write, direct and play in little theater dance company . 

Do you dream to go to hollywood and make your way there ? 

No.. God!! No ... Business world is not for me , with Grimm France and DPU I have little Glimpse of this world, it's shark world, jealousy ... No It's no for me. I prefer to stay in shadow and have fun . I will never pretend my work is enough good or the best. I just do it with passion and fun . 

Do you watch others show ? 

Yeah of course my geek side .. The Walking Dead I'm fond of Daryl . Teen wolf which has evoluted so well since the beginning. Marvel Daredevil, I watched season 2 in three days . Legends of tomorrow , The flash and Agents of Shield Being Huge Marvel and DC comics fan . Lucifer who is my 2016 crush with Tom Ellis, he is just perfect . Shadowhunters I was huge fan of Book and I love th show even if it need to evolve. Shanarra Chronicles, X files I'm fan since I'm 11 years old . The 100 ... I miss Hannibal and Constantine . 

A word for the end ? 

yeah Thanks you to all grimmsters around the world, without you no Grimm France, no DPU ... Thanks you to the Grimm cast and crew for everything I love you guys . Thanks you to Sue for her support, her friendship, her hard work on Grimm international . Thanks you to Damien and Bjorn for everything. Stay Banzaii

Banzaii ?

Yeah long story between Damien, me and Meisnerd It mean sort of have fun, no matter what happen, stay as you are !!! Fuck the rest !! :) .